Dexter family's house is a house on Evergreen Terrace where the Dexter family lives. It is located near the Simpson house.


Snowball V often went to their house, so the Dexter family adopted her and named her "Smokey". They taught her new tricks and thanks to their food, Snowball V was shortly getting fat. When Lisa learned it, she tried to get her cat back, but Snowball V preferred her new family more.

Bart later came to their house to find out why Snowball V liked the Dexter family better than the Simpsons. He told Mrs. Dexter, that his baby turtle called Apronboobsface had crawled into their basement window. Mrs. Dexter let him go inside and before he left, she had filled him up with good food and also taught him the same trick they had taught Snowball V.


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