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Diatribe of a Mad Housewife
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Cultural references

  • The title word plays off the book and film Diary of a Mad Housewife.
  • Homer sings a song to the tune of "Cars" by Gary Numan.
  • Homer briefly works at the "Boris Car Loft", a reference to Boris Karloff.
  • The ambulance Homer buys is based on a 1959 Eureka Cadillac ambulance formerly operated by the Bogota, New Jersey Volunteer First Aid Squad, which has since been restored and is now in the Netherlands. See
  • Marge denotes the similarity of the picture behind the couch to the classic novel, Moby-Dick (the picture is, in fact, called "Scene from Moby Dick"). It inspired her novel, when she thought "No one's done a book about whaling before!" Moreover, her book is about whaling and its ending has Temperance's husband dying in a similar manner to that of Ahab, from the same novel.
  • Esme Delacroix is a parody of a British author E.M. Delafield.
  • Thomas Pynchon's voiced is heard in this episode. This is a big rarity, as Pynchon is a recluse and has not lent his voice to any other media.
  • The scene where we see inside Lisa's head and her emotions is a reference to the Pixar film "Inside Out", which came out 11 years after this episode originally aired.


  • All of Esme's books have Scoundrel in them- I, Scoundrel, To Kiss A Scoundrel, Return to Scoundrel Island, A is for Scoundrel.
  • Dr. Marvin Monroe appears in this episode. Marge thought he was dead, but he explains that he was 'very sick'.
  • When Homer is lying to Marge his eyes twitch as if to tell her the truth. This same eye movement is translated by Marge in an earlier episode, "The Sweetest Apu".
  • This episode features the second time that Homer hears about a fictional character based on himself and reconsiders his ways. The first was in I Am Furious (Yellow).
  • When Homer asks Nelson what he's doing with his arm through Ned's door, he replies "stealing doormats". In Lisa's Date with Density, the doormat seen on the front doorstep of Nelson's house is the one stolen from the Kwik-E-Mart.
  • This episode never explains how Homer got his job back at the Nuclear Power Plant. Of course given the fact this wasn't the first time he was fired does anyone really expect an explanation?


  • Before seeing the ambulance at the used car garage, Homer plugs in an inflatable character that rips and flies away. The wires are clearly visible going all the way to the podium. Homer laments having lost his best friend. He stands on the podium. The wires are nowhere to be seen.
  • When Marge is typing she puts that seven of Temperance's children died meaning three would be in the kitchen scene. However in the kitchen only two (Bartabe and Lisakiah) are their desperate there should be three. However at the end of the book Cyrus says that Temperance is pregnant hinting that another child.
  • When Lisa says that the book is harsh on Homer she takes the last page of the off and it reads that Mordecai drooled at the blowholes. However the page should have read about the deaths of Mordecai and Cyrus instead.
  • When Homer is reading the book, he says, "Temprance Barrow was heavy with feeling. She "snore"..." but when he is listening to it, it says Temprance Barrow was heavy with feeling. Her..." The goof is that Homer says She, but the Olsens say Her at the beginning.

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