Specs and the City
The Man Who Grew Too Much
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Homer: (in Bart's laptop) Where's my money? Do you have my money? Where is it? You know, if you had the money, then I'm right here. Do you have the money? Money, money, money, money... (Bart closes his laptop)

(after Diggs falls off the tree)
Bart: Say something so I know you're not hurt!
Diggs: I'm really hurt!
Bart: Phew!

Nelson: Herbivore!
Lisa: That's someone who eats plants!
Nelson: I named the frog Herb!

Bart: (talking to Millhouse) even you won't sit with me?
Millhouse: Bart, if you sit here, I'll be the boy who sat next to the boy who ate the frog. And I'm already the boy who shared a comb with the boy who threw up on the boy who wet his pants at the winter carnival! PS. I would've given you the money.
Bart: (groans)

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