Dimoxinil is a type of hair growth medicine.

Dimoxinil is very effective (restoring hair down to your shoulders virtually overnight), but expensive, costing $1,000. It comes with a kit that includes gravity boots, an electric scalp massager, and a Dimoxinil T-shirt. The usage procedure includes applying the formula to the scalp; stimulating hair growth by hanging upside down (using the gravity boots) while massaging the scalp with the electric massager; and sleeping with a shower cap on.

The only drawback is that the regrown hair only lasts as long as usage continues. If a man with Dimoxinil-regrown hair stops the procedure, hair loss will occur—and as rapidly as the original growth did.

Homer bought Dimoxinil from the Hair Clinic and claimed it using his work insurance, which was technically fraud because it wasn't covered under the company health plan. However, it worked, and overnight Homer grew a full head of hair, which led to him being promoted to executive.

Bart snuck into Homer's room and tried to grow himself a beatnik beard using the Dimoxinil, and when Homer surprised Bart by walking in on him, Bart accidentally spilled it all over the floor, and having spent the families newly found wealth he could not afford to get more. With the Dimoxinil gone, Homer quickly lost his hair and his position as executive, and ended up being bald again and demoted back to his old job.

Dimoxinil was promoted through TV commercials featuring the Dimoxinil Actor. It also worked on another person in Springfield.

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