Disenchantment is a Netflix original series, created by the creator of The Simpsons and Futurama, Matt Groening. Disenchantment is a medieval fantasy series, focusing on a rebellious, alcoholic princess, Princess Tiabeanie, better known as "Bean", a scrawny, pathetic elf, Elfo, and Bean's personal demon, Luci and their misadventures across the kingdom of Dreamland and beyond.



Princess Tiabeanie, more commonly known as "Bean" is the main protagonist of the series. She the 19-year-old princess of Dreamland, who is being held to high expectations by her father, King Zog, telling her to act proper and get married. However, Bean refuses to conform to these rules, as she would rather indulge in being the bad-ass, alcoholic, bar fighting, promiscuous, adventurous, and dangerous girl she is.


Elfo is a short, scrawny, and stupid, but cynical elf, who was born in the happy little town of Elfwood, where he was forced to work in a candy factory and be "happy all the time". Elfo has since then grown to despise the idyllic atmosphere of his enclosed society, and escape, to go and enjoy reality. Instantly upon living in the real world, Elfo has been torn apart and taken down by the harshness and cruel reality of the realistic world of magical fantasy. Upon pursuing a friendship with Bean, who helps him cope with the scary and unfamiliar environment, he foolishly became a part of.


Luci is a demon from Hell, assigned to be Bean's personal demon, by his bosses Emperor Cloyd and The Enchantress, to stalk and torment Bean for the rest of her life. As such, Luci is a malicious, sadistic creature, who's primary crime is to give Bean poor advice, leading her already undeveloped mind, into making stupid decisions, that never fail to get her in huge trouble. Outside of being an agent of chaos, Luci is mostly just a carefree laid-back guy, who doesn't seem to care about anything. Overtime, he has gotten chummy with Bean and become more of a peer pressuring friend, than a misguiding shoulder devil.

Disenchantment in The Simpsons

Luci Smokes in The Simpsons In "Treehouse of Horror XXIX" story "Intrustion of the Pod-Y Snatchers", Luci made a cameo smoking weed, atop the castle of dreamland, during a hallucinogenic fever dream, had by Lisa, when she was getting brainwashed by Bart.
There is Disenchantment in Homer and Marge's Marriage In "I'm Dancing As Fat As I Can", Homer saw a picture of Disenchantment on Netflix, but instead of there being pictures of the characters, there were pictures of himself and Marge.
Disenchantment Toys in The Simpsons In "101 Mitigations", Comic Book Guy had plastic figurines of Bean, Elfo, and Luci, among all the other pieces of garbage in his room. Homer noted that this, along with everything else was "a collection of stuff someone else threw away".

The Simpsons in Disenchantment

Fry and Lisa's Hair in Disenchantment In "For Whom the Pig Oinks", Bean, Luci, and Prince Merkimer were in a wig store. On the shelf behind Bean and Luci, was a collection of wigs, that resembled the hairstyles of characters from Matt Groening's other two shows. The wig right behind Luci resembled the hairstyle of Lisa Simpson from The Simpsons. Also included, and more visibly, was the wig of Fry from "Futurama".
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