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Disney+ (pronounced Disney Plus) is a subscription video on-demand streaming service owned and operated by the Disney Streaming division of the The Walt Disney Company. The service primarily distributes films and television series produced by The Walt Disney Studios and Walt Disney Television. The service also advertises content from Disney's Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and the Star brands in particular. Original films and television series are also distributed on Disney+, with ten films and seven series having been produced for the platform as of November 2019. Serving adjacent to Disney's other streaming platforms – the general programming-oriented Hulu and the sports-oriented ESPN+ – Disney+ focuses on family entertainment based around Disney brands.

As of April 2023, 34 of the 36 commissioned seasons of The Simpsons are available internationally on Disney+. Prior to May 28, 2020, seasons 1-19 and some episodes of season 20 were cropped to fit widescreen televisions, rather than existing in their original 4:3 aspect ratio. Since May 28, 2020, these episodes have been made available in their original ratio alongside the cropped 16:9 remasters.

Disney+ has also included The Simpsons Movie, and the theatrical short films The Longest Daycare and Playdate with Destiny. Beginning in 2021, 20th Television Animation produced the short films for the service, The Force Awakens From Its Nap (2021), The Good, The Bart, and The Loki (2021), The Simpsons in Plusaversary (2021), Welcome to the Club (2022), Rogue Not Quite One (2023), and May the 12th Be With You (2024). The service also includes animated music videos with the series collaborating with musicians, with Bad Bunny in Te Deseo Lo Mejor, released on December 24, 2021, and with Billie Eilish in When Billie Met Lisa, released on April 22, 2022.

On its official Disney+ Facebook page, the streaming service released three Simpsons videos, focusing on the series referencing Marvel, Star Wars and Disney.


Over the years, Disney+ has produced a series of cross-promotional shorts for The Simpsons, which mainly feature The Simpsons crossing over with other Disney properties.


By continent, Disney+ is currently available in all of the Americas (except Cuba and the US Virgin Islands, 18 European countries (and 2 dependencies), 3 Oceanian countries (including Indonesia) (and 2 dependencies), 5 Asian countries and 1 African country (Mauritius), 4 more Asian countries (along with the 2 Chinese special administrative regions, Hong Kong and Macau) and Eastern Europe (no countries specified, likely including Poland). The service expanded to South Africa in May 2022, with other countries in Africa, Western Asia and Europe following suit in June 2022,[1] and other Southeast Asian countries at the end of the year.[2] Disney+ original content is available via the direct-broadcast satellite OSN in the Middle East and North Africa.

Release date Countries/regions
November 12, 2019 Canada
United States
November 19, 2019 Australia
New Zealand
Puerto Rico
March 24, 2020 Austria
United Kingdom
April 2, 2020 Channel Islands
Isle of Man
April 3, 2020 India
April 7, 2020 France
April 30, 2020 French Guiana, French West Indies, Monaco, New Caledonia, Wallis and Futuna
June 11, 2020 Japan (original)
September 5, 2020 Indonesia
September 15, 2020 Belgium
October 2, 2020 Mauritius, Mayotte, Réunion
November 17, 2020 All of the Caribbean (excluding Cuba and the US Virgin Islands), Central America and South America
February 23, 2021 Singapore
June 1, 2021 Malaysia
June 30, 2021 Thailand
October 27, 2021 Japan (relaunch)
November 12, 2021 South Korea
November 16, 2021 Hong Kong
May 18, 2022 South Africa
June 8, 2022 Algeria
Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates
June 14, 2022 Åland Islands
Bosnia and Herzegovina
British Indian Ocean Territory
Faroe Islands
French Polynesia
French Southern and Antarctic Lands
North Macedonia
Pitcairn Islands
Saint Pierre and Miquelon
Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha
San Marino
Sint Maarten
Svalbard and Jan Mayen
Vatican City
June 16, 2022 Israel
November 17, 2022 Philippines
2023 (upcoming, no set date) Vietnam

Simpsons dubs[]

While The Simpsons is dubbed into many languages outside of English, Disney+ does not include all of the dubs. Disney+ does offer many languages (including one film dubbed in Māori and Tahitian, Moana), but only select languages are available for select films and TV shows. Some are only available for The Simpsons Movie and the Disney+ shorts; The Good, The Bart, and The Loki, The Force Awakens From Its Nap, The Simpsons in Plusaversary, When Billie Met Lisa and Welcome to the Club. Only 6 dubs are available on Disney+ for the short, The Longest Daycare, being English and Japanese, and later Polish, Turkish, Greek and Romanian, Playdate with Destiny also has all 6 of them (except for Japanese, also with Audio Description for English) and subtitled into the languages the show is available in on Disney+ (except for Simplified and Traditional Chinese and Slovak). The Force Awakens From Its Nap is dubbed into Cantonese, Danish, Dutch, English (including audio description), Finnish, French (European and Canadian), German, Italian, Japanese, Hungarian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (European and Brazilian), Romanian, Slovak, Spanish (European and Latin American), Swedish, Turkish, Czech and Greek and is subtitled into English and Hungarian. The Good, The Bart, and The Loki is dubbed into Cantonese, English (including audio description), French (European and Canadian), German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Slovak, Spanish (European and Latin American), Turkish and Czech and is subtitled into the languages the show is available in on Disney+ (except for Simplified and Traditional Chinese), The Simpsons in Plusaversary also has all 12 of the dubs that were available with the last short (except for Cantonese) and later including Hungarian, Turkish, Czech and Greek and is subtitled into the languages the show is available in on Disney+. When Billie Met Lisa only has English (including audio description), but is still subtitled into the languages the show is available in on Disney+. Welcome to the Club is dubbed into Czech, English (including audio description), French (European and Canadian), German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (European and Latin American) and Turkish and is subtitled into the languages the show is available in on Disney+. In 2021, Korean became the first Asian language to became available for The Simpsons on Disney+, when Korean subtitles were introduced for all episodes. Later that year, Cantonese began dubbing the episodes themselves, starting with Season 1 and has since then gone up to Season 10. Below is a table showing the languages The Simpsons is available in on Disney+.

Language Native name Available features
Cantonese / Chinese (Hong Kong) 粵語 / 中文(香港) Dub (Seasons 1-10 and shorts)
Chinese (Simplified) / Mandarin 中文 / 中文 (普通话) / 中文 (简体) Subtitles
Chinese (Traditional) / Mandarin (Taiwan) 中文 (台灣) / 中文(繁體) Dub (Movie)
Czech Čeština Dub
Subtitles (Seasons 1-32)
Danish Dansk Dub (Movie and short)
Dutch Nederlands Dub (Movie and short)
English English Dub (Ft. Audio description post-Season 27, movie and shorts)
Finnish Suomi / Suomalainen Dub (Movie and short)
French Français Dub and subtitles
French (Canada) Français (Canada) / Québécois Dub (Seasons 1-29, 31, movie and shorts)
German Deutsch Dub and subtitles
German (Austria) Deutsch (Österreich) Dub (Season 31)
Greek Ελληνικά Dub (shorts)
Hungarian Magyar Dub (Seasons 2-6, 8-31, movie and shorts)
Icelandic Íslenska Dub and Subtitles (Movie)
Italian Italiano Dub (Seasons 1-32)
Japanese 日本語 Dub (Seasons 1-17, movie and shorts)
Korean 한국어 Dub (Movie and shorts)
Norwegian Norsk Dub (Movie and short)
Polish Polski Dub (Seasons 1-3, movie and shorts)
Voice-over (Seasons 3-20, 22-32)
Portuguese Português Dub (Movie and short)
Portuguese (Brazil) Português (Brasil) Dub and subtitles
Romanian Română Dub (shorts)
Slovak Slovenčina Dub and subtitles (shorts)
Spanish Español / Español Castilleno Dub and subtitles
Spanish (Latin America) Español (Latinoamérica) / Español (Latino) Dub and subtitles
Swedish Svenska Dub (Movie and short)
Turkish Türkçe Dub (Seasons 1-3, 33, movie and shorts)



  • Although Disney+ has made all thirty-five seasons of The Simpsons available for streaming, the season 3 episode "Stark Raving Dad" is not available on the streaming service, due to the controversial Leaving Neverland documentary that aired in 2019, which details allegations against Michael Jackson of alleged pedophilia and child sexual assault, and Jackson once guest-starred as Leon Kompowsky in that episode. Likewise, the season 10 episode "Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo" is unavailable to stream on Disney+ in Japan, due to scenes that are considered offensive to Japan and its culture, including the "Battling Seizure Robots" scene (which is a parody of the Pokémon anime seizure incident) and another one with Homer tossing the emperor of Japan into a sumo thong dumpster. The season 16 episode "Goo Goo Gai Pan" and the season 34 episode "One Angry Lisa" is also unavailable to stream on Disney+ in Hong Kong, due to former in part to references to the 1989 Tianamen Square massacre and a scene featuring former dictator Mao Zedong, and the latter for a character mentioning forced labor camps in China.[3][4][5] Also, The Simpsons Movie and all shorts are unavailable to stream on Disney+ in South Korea due to unknown reasons, unlike other countries. It is possible that the reason is that the film is available for one of the paid Movies for Korean YouTube. However, unlike other Asian countries, the South Korean version of Disney+ has the entire original Simpsons series available.
  • Disney+ cut some clips from episodes, such as in the episode "Natural Born Kissers" where Marge's bare breasts are shown, possibly to make the show slightly more family-friendly. Another notable example is in the episode "The Wreck of the Relationship", where a scene depicting the middle finger was blurred, as it was on TV.
  • While in most areas the entire show is available to stream in this service, in Latin America there are only two seasons available, which are Season 29 and Season 30. Because of this, a separate service called Star+ was released in Latin America on August 31, 2021 and include the entire Simpsons series.

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