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Do PizzaBots Dream of Electric Guitars? Is the fifteenth episode of Season 32.


Homer tries to reunite a mechanical band from his youth, but film and TV creator J. J. Abrams gets hold of them first.

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In a flashback to Homer's adolescence, 14-year old Homer goes to work at his job at Razzle Dazzle's Pizza-Tainment Palace and helps fix a short-circuiting problem by having the animatronic band sing hip-hop and rap. The audience love it, but the FBI shuts the business down due to Homer's boss Gil using the band for trafficking cocaine.

Back in the present day, Marge sees that something has changed in Homer since the flashback. Moe visits the house and agrees with Marge. Bart and Lisa decide to search for the animatronics, beginning by contacting Gil. Gil had tracked the animatronics down which were sold by the FBI at an auction: Marge takes Hippie Hippo from Professor Frink, Moe takes Foxy Lady from Sideshow Mel, Lisa takes Jive Turkey from Disco Stu, and both Bart and Lisa go to obtain Wakkety Yak from Herman's Military Antiques.

Herman reveals he just sold Yak to J. J. Abrams to create a new Mission: Impossible movie. Lisa and Bart arrive at one of Abrams' buildings and attempt to steal Yak but are caught. Homer arrives and overcome with emotion upon seeing Yak. Abrams appears and understands Homer's situation, only for him to plan a nine-movie franchise involving the animatronics, giving Homer the same trauma as before.

Homer encounters Comic Book Guy, who advises Homer to take his complains to the internet. Homer spends months complaining online, only to have Abrams announce a screening of the movie in Springfield. Homer enters the theater to stop Abrams, but Grampa arrives after being called by Marge. Grampa says that he ruined Homer's childhood by neglecting Homer's dreams. They reconcile and Abrams surprises Homer as he had reprogrammed the animatronics and brought them on stage now to dispense frozen yogurt at the after party.

The ending credits feature Comic Book Guy having formed the Troll Force Five, Earth's spite-iest heroes.

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