Don Castellaneta is the boss of the rival family of Fat Tony.


While having a meeting with his own mafia and Fat Tony's at Luigi's, Don Castellaneta is about to get into a gun fight. Maggie Simpson is traveling under everyone while Fat Tony's men drop their glasses and have to go to the restroom to “Clean up.” When they come out with guns, Don Castellaneta drops his fork and comments, "Clumsy me! I dropped my fork! Boys, help me pick it up." They then pull out their guns they hid under the table. Then, just after the President of the Italian Anti-Defamation League gets involved by pulling his two guns out at the two gangs, Moe Szyslak comes in, finds Maggie, and holds her up to the mafia men, who stop fighting, and Moe proceeds to explain how Maggie’s innocence changed his life, causing Don Castellaneta and his mobsters, as well as Fat Tony and his gang and the President, to not only be touched by Maggie’s innocence, but also cry their eyes out.

Behind the Laughter

  • He is voiced by and named after Dan Castellaneta.
  • According to himself, he doesn’t speak any language so good when he tried to say “Baby“ in Italian upon seeing Maggie enter Luigi’s.


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