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My Apologies!
―Don Vittorio DiMaggio

Don Vittorio DiMaggio is a commanding mafia leader, and an old Italian stereotype. The mobsters of the Springfield mafia show him tremendous respect.

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He nearly killed Homer and Krusty in "Homie the Clown", his only major appearance, when Krusty opened his own clown college. Krusty owed the mobsters money, a gambling debt.

In the meantime, Homer graduated Krusty's Clown College (formerly Willie Nelson's home) and got respect just for looking like Krusty.

Apparently, it went too far when the Springfield mafia thought Homer was actually Krusty.

Afterwards the real Krusty came and the mafia decided to kill both of them unless they do the mini tricycle trick. Homer and Krusty worked together to do it and succeeded and avoided death.

In "Insane Clown Poppy", Don Vittorio is present at a mafia summit at Fat Tony's compound.


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