Donkey Kong is one of four video game characters to

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convince Bart to steal a video game[1]. He was once seen where the Noiseland Arcade had him meeting kids on Fridays (at least, this is what was advertised, as he didn't seem to meet anyone), and was smoking a cigarette when Wiseguy passes by and states that he's "just not a draw anymore." Donkey Kong responds by throwing a barrel at him, causing him to realize that Donkey Kong's "still got it."[2]


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He also kidnaps Professor Frink and Bart and Lisa have to chase and use Mario-style transport pipes to get to him. His fighting arena is modeled after one of the stages from the Donkey Kong video game from the 1980s. He gets blown into a sea of green fluid and as he dies, his hand shows a thumbs up (an obvious reference to the ending of Terminator 2: Judgment Day).[3]

Behind the Laughter

Nintendo's official artwork of the current Donkey Kong.

Donkey Kong is a fictional gorilla character who was created by Nintendo in 1981. Many of the Donkey Kong games for the Nintendo systems of the 1990s were made by the company Rare. His having his thumbs up while sinking is a parody of the Terminator movies, and more specifically the ending to Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

It is occasionally referenced within modern Donkey Kong games that the current character known as Donkey Kong by Nintendo is not the Donkey Kong of the 1981 arcade game by the same name, and that this Donkey Kong is a younger Cranky Kong. As the Donkey Kong in the Simpsons episode is not wearing a tie, it is probably the character now known as Cranky Kong, and not the current Donkey Kong.


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