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Donna Lou Retton Tubbs-Brown is one of the main characters on The Cleveland Show and since the Family Guy episode "He's Bla-ack!" she is now a recurring character on Family Guy. On the premiere episode of Season 25, she and her family appeared in the couch gag. However, they were thrown out (including Homer Simpson) which led to racial tension and a protest against the Fox network but they were eventually let back in.


Donna, and the rest of The Brown family appear in the ending credits gag of the episode "Homerland", going to a party to celebrate the 25th season of The Simpsons, along with families from tons of other FOX cartoons such as Family Guy, American Dad!, and Bob's Burgers. However, they are not allowed to go into the party because they're black. The family starts picketing outside the party, demanding to be let in. Homer Simpson, who was also disallowed in there, is joining them, saying that FOX is also against him. The Brown family is eventually let in, but Homer Simpson is still locked out.


Donna Tubbs-Brown is a very sexy and fit black woman with a skinny body, black lush hair, giant breasts, and a firm, nice ass. On some occasions during the spin-off, however, her sexy perfection is shown to be fake: Her hair is actually a wig that she wears to cover up extremely short, frail, curly gray hair and her breasts are saggy and limp and can't hold up anymore, and her vibrant red lips are actually all just makeup. Her eyelids are a dark purplish, eyeliner color when she's not wearing makeup and she puts on brown eyeliner, to make her eyelids match the color of her skin. Aside from this, Donna also wears golden spherical earrings. She also wears a golden ring necklace around her neck. She has a white shirt and lavender sweatpants, which are actually attached to each other as a one-piece suit. She also has soft slipper shoes that are in the same color as her pants.


Donna is kind of a sassy black woman, but she is more than the most over exaggerated of the stereotype. Loretta can be seen as the stereotype that she contrasts from. Instead of her screaming and slapping Cleveland when he does something wrong, she uses regular punishments, like making him sleep on the couch. Instead of making comments like "Mmm-hmm" and "Ooooooh, girl", she makes Southern expressions, often starting with "Sweet" and ending with two rhyming phrases, such as "Sweet candy and Jessica Tandy!" She has kind of a sweet and sour personality, with the sweet, being the overarching side.


  • Donna has the hobby of playing the recorder.
  • Donna has a drinking problem and a smoking problem.
  • Donna has been pregnant five times and only kept two of them, Roberta and Rallo. Two of the other three was aborted and the last one is an unknown child, which she did not keep.
  • Donna has been married three times (at least). Once to Dennis Rodman, secondly to Robert, and lastly to Cleveland Brown, who she is currently still with.



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