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Homer Looking at Map (Artwork) This article is about Donuts.

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Homer Simpson 

A donut (or doughnut) is a small, fried or baked sweetened dough confectionery. It's typically ring-shaped, with a hole in the center, though there are many varieties with different shapes and toppings. Donuts can be glazed, frosted, or filled with various creams, jellies, or custards. They're a popular treat enjoyed as snacks or desserts in many cultures around the world, and donuts are homer's favorite food

Donuts also make an appearance in The Simpsons: Tapped Out as a type of currency.

Krispy Kreme also has a pink frosted, sprinkled doughnut on their menu called the "Simpson Donut". They also sell strawberry iced donuts with sprinkles, which also look similar to the ones from the Simpsons show.