Homer Simpson 
212px-Homer Simpson 2006

Homer eating a donut


Donuts are a circular pastry that usually contain large amounts of fat. They are most notably Homer Simpson's most favorite food. He is unable to live without his donuts and doesn't like anyone else eating them. In a Treehouse of Horror episode, Homer changes the past and comes back to an alternate universe where his family is rich and happy, but when Marge does not know what a donut is, Homer goes back to the toaster to travel back through time again. However, when Homer leaves, it starts raining donuts. (Homer often panics when they are out of donuts.) In another Treehouse of Horror episode, Homer sells his soul for one. Marge wins the court case and Homer keeps his soul but his head is turned into a donut by Ned Flanders. In the show they usually have pink frosting with multicolor sprinkles.

Donuts also make an appearance in The Simpsons: Tapped Out as a type of currency.

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