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Lost Verizon
Double, Double, Boy in Trouble
Treehouse of Horror XIX


  • The premiere of this episode was watched by 8.09 million people in America.

Cultural References

  • The episode title is a reference to the Shakespeare line "Double, double, toil and trouble" from MacBeth, spoken by the three witches near the beginning of the play.
  • Joe Montana appears as Simon's photo of him.
  • The plot of the episode is similar to The Prince and the Pauper, a story where a poor boy and a prince choose to live each other's lives.
  • Bart's doppelganger Simon is a parody of Richie Rich.
  • When Marge is washing the dishes, the song she sings to them ("Scrubbin' You") is a spoof of "Lovin' You" by Minnie Riperton.
  • When Bart is looking at the different mansions, he observes McDonald's and Macaulay Culkin.
  • When Mr. Burns meets whom he believed was Simon Woosterfield (actually Bart Simpson), Mr. Burns expressed disgust towards Smithers bringing both him and "Simon" pink lemonade and ordered Smithers to dispose of the lemonade (which Smithers obliged by downing it through his pants). This was a reference to the idea that pink lemonade is drunk by people who are homosexual.
  • The name is a not a spoof of the line "Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire". This is an incorrect assumption.


  • This episode reveals that Mr. Burns had ten siblings. They are deceased because: One brother was trampled by a horse, his sister died of a poison potato, his twin was shot, his sister was stabbed, a brother ate a poison potato, one had spontaneous consumption, another down a well, two more ate poison potatoes and another impaled on the Chrysler building. As Burns survived, he got the entire fortune.
  • Devan was probably killed as when Quinley pushes Bart down the hill she offers Devan a potato implying she is trying to kill him as the potato was probably poisonous. Devan's fate stills remains unknown and we still do not unserstand if he is still alive or if he was killed, as Devan's last visible action was looking at the potato suspiciously.


  • When Milhouse answers Bart's call, the picture above with the family in it, Milhouse's shirt is colored white.
  • It would be unknown how Simon could see as Bart without his glasses. Also, by wearing Simon's glasses, Bart's vision would be affected. It is possible that Simon removed the lenses from the glasses, and put contacts on before leaving the restroom.
  • Mr. Burns says that he was the baby of the family. In "Rosebud", he had a younger brother named George.
  • The esophagus is not connected to the uterus.
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