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Dr. Bartley is the easily-amazed assistant to Eliza Simpson, a Scotland Yard Detective in London in 1890. He helps her to capture criminals.


In 1890 London, women are being killed with swords in a series of unsolved murders. Eliza and her assistant Dr. Bartley trace the swords used back to industrialist C. Ebenezer Burns. They find him in an opium den, where he claims he lost all his opium. The next suspect in mind is Homer. The police arrest Homer and are about to hang him when Eliza finds the real murderer: Inspector Wiggum, whose eel pie-covered hand prints were all over a sword used to kill one particular woman.

Behind the Laughter

  • Eliza was based on the fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes, and her assistant Dr. Bartley was based on Sherlock's sidekick, Dr. Watson.