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Dr. Brentano is a child psychiatrist and marriage counselor.


Marge and Homer once went to see him after Homer realized that Marge was deliberatly trying to hurt him. Marge admitted that she had grown to hate Homer because he cares more about himself than he cares about her. Devastated, Homer asked the counselor what he should do and the counselor suggested that Homer throw a large banquet in Marge's honor. His idea works, and Marge and Homer soon make up.

Marge and Homer take Bart to his office after he caused so much chaos at Amber’s funeral. When he learns of Bart’s age, Brentano recommends that Bart take up an activity that allows him to express his energy and require his focus. That is what leads Bart to take up drumming. On his office’s banner, it reads “Where imaginary friends come to die”.

Dr. Brentano's office