Dr. Egoyan is an Armenian American doctor who works at a Euthanasia Clinic.


He kills off people by connecting them to a diePod (a big iPod), then asking them how they want to be killed (Instant Death/Slow Painful Death/Megadeath), which music the patient wants to hear and what video patient wants to see, just like in the movie "Soylent Green", from which the scene is borrowed.

When Grampa Simpson goes to commit suicide and is about to die in a minute, Dr. Egoyan is arrested. He says that he will kill the police if he gets out of the jail as soon as the recently overturned Assisted Suicide law is reversed.[1]

He had killed Fred Kanneke.

The video Abraham Simpson wanted to see was police beating hippies, and the music was Glenn Miller Orchestra (namely, Pennsylvania 6-5000).

Behind the Laughter

He may be based on real Armenian American doctor Jack Kevorkian, who also helped assist people wishing to undergo suicide.



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