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Dr. Foster is Ned Flanders' childhood psychologist with whom he underwent anger management therapy so as never to lose his temper. Flanders once snapped, letting out all his anger, resulting in a reunion between Foster and Flanders. His name may come from a famous nursery rhyme, "Dr. Foster went to Gloucester". He is 73 years old.

University of Minnesota

Dr. Foster was educated at the Minnesotan Medical School. During Ned's childhood, he worked on a break through therapy at the University of Minnesota. The child anger management therapy was known as the University of Minnesota Spankalogical Protocol.The therapy entailed 8 months of non-stop spanking. At the end of the period, Ned was asked a number of questions which he normally would have replied to in an angry manner. According to Foster, the therapy worked so well that Flanders repressed all anger. Ned substituted anger with the nonsensical jibberish he is known for using as an adult until the hurricane's aftermath finally made him unleash his anger.

Dr. Foster eventually saw his earlier treatment was wrong and enlisted Homer to help Ned express his anger in a healthier manner, for he is the source of Flanders' frustration and vice versa. Homer attempts to insult him using the cards that Foster wrote for him. When his scripted cards didn't work, an aide working for Dr. Foster suggests Homer try something new. Upon hearing Ned's admittance in not only hating Homer, but also the services of the post office and his beatnik parents for the lack of discipline, Dr. Foster declares him cured to return home before Ned tells everyone, including Homer that he'll try to tell everybody about his feelings next time.

Behind the laughter

  • Dr. Foster is apparently Christian, as he twice yelled "may God have mercy on us all!" when having to do a task he viewed as extremely difficult/unexpected.
    • In addition, he also left his shoes at the Den when having to make an unscheduled trip to Calmwood, which based on his use of "May God have mercy on us all!" upon learning from his wife where they were located, is not a place he intended to leave them.