Dr. Hibbert's Second Daughter is the daughter of Julius Hibbert and Bernice Hibbert.


In her first prominent role, she's seen riding with her family to a restaurant as they attempt to decide where to have dinner along the way. She answers, "Face Stuffers!" When they come across Moe's Tavern, Dr. Hibbert suggests they try there, thinking that it was a family restaurant. But when they look inside, they find that it's actually a bar which wasn't what they were expecting and not staying for long (as according to her, "smells like tinkle"), they leave promptly to continue their search for a real fast food joint.[1]

In another prominent appearance, she's among the kids seen telling some adults they love them as they give them hugs, in an effort to prevent them from heading to the voting polls. The adults then feel feverish as a result, after catching what the kids have. The idea was devised by Bart and Lisa in order to fix the problem of Proposition 242, possibly failing to pass after Homer fouls up chances of that happening and it successfully does, which The Yes Guy subsequently declares.[2]

She visits Springfield Preparatory School. [3] However, she was also seen at Springfield Elementary.



Note: Many of her appearances are brief, background roles. Episodes in which she has an actual role are in bold.

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