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Dr. Hibbert Second Son is one of Julius Hibbert and Bernice Hibbert's five children.


His first eminent role was when he was seen riding with his family to a restaurant for lunch, as they're deciding where to eat on the way. He answers, "The Spaghetti Laboratory!" When Dr. Hibbert spots Moe's Tavern, he and his family go inside, presuming it was a family restaurant. But when they find that it isn't what they thought it would be, they leave almost immediately to carry on their search for a real family restaurant instead.[1]

He visits Springfield Preparatory School. [2] However, he was also seen at Springfield Elementary.



Note: Many of his appearances are brief, background roles. Episodes in which he has an actual role are in bold.



  • It can be assumed that he is one of Edna Krabappel's students, as he helps Bart get revenge on her[3].


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