Dr. Zander is a psychologist.


Zander worked in a fathering class that Homer was enrolled in after embarrassing Bart and earning his hatred. When Homer tells him on how he strangles Bart, Zander decides to employ a role-play method with the help of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, a friend of his, to show Homer what Bart feels when strangled. The strategy proves effective, and a fearful and intimidated Homer relents in strangling Bart when the opportunity strikes him. However, the treatment backfires when Bart takes advantage of Homer's new nature. Marge seeks him to put Bart in therapy but Zander lost his job and is now living among jobless professionals. However, he is convinced to still help them, but an uncooperative Bart fails to follow all of his methods. This eventually enrages Zander, who attacks Bart by trying to strangle him. However, Bart's neck is strong, having adapted to Homer's strangling, and this gives Homer the opportunity to knock Zander out and save Bart. It is unknown what happened to him afterwards.


Simp Episode – "Love is a Many Strangled Thing"

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