Dr. Zweig is a psychologist who helps Marge overcome her fear of flying.


After Marge discovers that she has a fear of flying, Marge decides to get some professional help. She goes to Dr. Zweig (who Homer fears will blame all Marge's problems on him) who charges Marge 30 dollars an hour. The doctor dives deep into Marge's psyche and discovers that the fact that her father was a male flight attendant is to blame, and just as she is about to start discussing Marge's husband, Homer runs in and pulls her away. Dr. Zweig is typically calm, but becomes especially passionate when describing that the Monkees symbolized rebellion and when she discovers that Marge's cheque bounced. Despite all the help, Marge thinks Zweig's name is "Lowenstein".

As Marge begins to delve into her deepest psyche, Dr. Zweig minimizes it by snapping, "Yes, yes, it's all a rich tapestry!"



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