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I wish I had a tail what to swap away flies. Mine just hangs there.
―Dubya Spuckler[src]

Dubya Spuckler is one of many children of the Spuckler family. He wears an eyepatch over his right eye, which he most likely lost at some point in his life.

He possesses a vestigial tail, which bears a close resemblance to that of a poodle, but it is only shown on one occasion. His name is most likely a joke directed at president George "Dubya" Bush and he might be a reference to a David Bowie persona "Halloween Jack". However, Dubya claims he was named after the W Hotel chain.

In the episode "Walking Big & Tall", it was revealed that Dubya is younger than Incest Spuckler and Whitney Spuckler.

In the episode "Hail to the Teeth", Brandine tells her children they prefer "they" pronouns because they had a twin in the womb which they absorbed, possibly explaining their mutations. This possibly makes Dubya the first nonbinary or intersex character in the show.

They also appear in The Simpsons: Tapped Out.


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