The Duff Brewery in Springfield and Capital City is the place where Duff Beer is made. The tour of the brewery is very popular. Most visitors to the Duff Brewery leave with a greater-than-16 blood-alcohol level, due to the copious amounts of free beer samples.


The Duff Brewery was located on an island in the middle of a river, and a bridge was originally supposed to be opened after construction, but due to Homer's stupidity he blew the bridge up when throwing dynamite used to demolish the old Springfield Mall into the river the day before it was supposed to open, causing Trucks containing Duff Beer to fall into the river.[1] The Duff Brewery is also known for hosting tours through their factory. When the town outlawed alcohol, the Duff Brewery couldn't stay in business long and shut their doors down, with Barney later anonymously leaving flowers at its site. Barney has a picture of the entire factory and its employees with a banner saying "Thank you Barney!"

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The Simpsons Game

In "The Simpsons Game", level "Around the World in 80 Bites", the factory's interior is decorated with different countries ambients for an eating contest. When Chief Wiggum and Eddie refuse to let Marge and Lisa through to stop the Grand Theft Scratchy game, Wiggum says to leave him alone, since he just lost the Eating Contest.


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