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Oh, yeah!
―Duffman's catchphrase
―Duffman's other catchphrase
Duffman is here to refill your beer
―his other catchphrase

Duffman in Days of Future Future with Moe.png

Barry Huffman, known mostly by his working name Duffman, is the mascot and spokesman for the Duff Beer company. There are actually multiple people who play Duffman.

Duffman action figure

Character Traits

Physical Traits

Duffman is an athletic and smooth-talking corporate personality who wears blue and red tights, a red cape, white gloves, and the Duff logo emblazoned across his chest. The ensemble features a red hat, dark sunglasses, and a "utility belt" of beer cans around his waist.

Duff Beer logo

Other Traits

Duffman is generally known for his overly enthusiastic speech in which he refers to himself in the third person, complete with dramatic pauses and ending with a suggestive "Oh, yeah!" and pelvic thrusts. Fittingly, his theme song which plays at every corporate-sponsored appearance is "Oh Yeah" by Swiss band Yello. Also, Lenny calls him "the guy who creates an awareness of Duff".


When Lenny mentioned that he had heard Duffman died of liver failure, Duffman scoffed "Duffman can never die! (Pause) Only the actors who play him!" This is a reference to real-life corporate mascots such as Ronald McDonald and the Marlboro Man who have been portrayed by multiple actors. The connection to Marlboro Man is expanded by the fact that two of the actors who played Marlboro Man died of lung cancer, a disease related to the product they promoted. Duffman was also shot by Frank Grimes, Jr., and although the wound was not necessarily fatal, Duffman pledged his love to Doris before blacking out. Another Duffman died when Moe put a sticker on his face. Another Duffman was possibly killed in a blimp crash during a baseball game; it was then revealed that there were three Duffmen working the game that night[1]. And there was also a Duffman who died of liver failure. The Duff corporation does not publicly acknowledge that Duffman is only a fictional character, so as not to disillusion Duffman's "fans". Actors to portray him have been named Joel Duffman, Sid, Larry, Chip Davis and once, Barry Duffman. It was also implied by Homer Simpson that one Duffman who owned a set of blimp keys committed suicide via drowning because Homer wouldn't let him share a beer while both were skinnydipping.[2]

"Duffman is Mark Twain"

Life Outside Business

He is shown cleaning up Lake Springfield in The Simpsons Movie.


Though he is a corporate puppet of Duff Beer, some actors have displayed independent thought and conscience at times. Homer discovers that Howard K. Duff VIII, who owns not only the beer company but also the Springfield Isotopes, was planning to move the team to Albuquerque. Commanded to help discredit Homer, this Duffman was torn between corporate loyalty, and the truth. In the end, Duffman said to himself "New feelings brewing in Duffman! What would Jesus do?" and tossed Howard Duff into the stands of Isotope Stadium (effectively throwing the money changers out of the temple).


Duffman claims to have two children, Dufflad and Duffgirl, but Mr. Duff VII retorts that these were "one-time shots in a Super Bowl commercial". This Duffman was named "Sid". Also, Duffman said "Are You there, God? It's me, Duffman!". Duffman (or at least this particular Duffman) also mentioned, after distributing several Duff memorabilia that he has to leave early to comfort his and Grady's adopted daughter who dropped out of College.[3]


Duffman (or rather, whichever actor was playing him at the time) was revealed to be gay and in a long term stable relationship with Grady. He had a fling with Booberella revealed in a behind the scenes interview that was a publicity stunt. He and Grady are still together. [4]

He was also revealed to be in love with Grady, who wanted to break up with Julio[5].

In the episode where Lisa takes up crossword puzzles and Homer gets a business breaking up for people, a gay man calls Homer and says he has found a new man, just as Duffman walks out of the shower and whips him with a towel.

He married Grady in "There's Something About Marrying". They are most likely still together and their adopted daughter is mentioned in an episode.

When Duffman is shot by Frank Grimes, Jr., he says "I love you, Doris." This could possibly be a girl he likes, but it may just be his mother Doris [6].

Duffman also slept with Titania. He promised her that in exchange for sleeping with him, she wouldn't have to touch the drunks in a bartending contest, but he reneged on the promise at the last minute [7] .


Duffman is revealed to have dyslexia calling it "Duffman's secret shame" [8].

Non-Canon appearances

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Duffman appears in The Simpsons Game as the emcee of the Duff Ultimate Eating Challenge in the level Around the World in 80 Bites.

Behind the Laughter

Character Origins

Duffman is based on Budweiser's former mascot Bud Man. Duffman's catchphrase comes from the song "Oh Yeah" by Yello, which the producers say became extremely popular after Ferris Bueller's Day Off and many advertisers started using it. As a result, the writers felt that the song and phrase "Oh yeah!" would be suitable for Duffman. Duffman's thrusts were first acted out by Brad Bird.
Duffman is the greatest womanizer - or so he says.[9] He talks almost the same pattern like Captain Kirk from the original Star Trek. In one of the episodes he said he was Jewish.



  • He is bisexual, but he is currently in a gay relationship with Grady.
  • Duffman attempted to commit suicide by skinny dipping with Homer and then trying to drown himself.
  • He has a parrot named Hoppy, who can even say some of his catchphrases.[10]

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