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Hello Gutter, Hello Fadder

Cultural references


  • Inspired by the episode, Rob Baur of Lake Oswego, Oregon actually created Tomacco; both plants are members of the Nightshade family and are therefore similar enough to create a hybrid. Baur wanted to know if it was a true hybrid, so he asked a forensic researcher to test the plant's constitution. The results showed the leaves did indeed contain nicotine. He only had one Tomacco fruit so they didn't get the chance to test it though Roy Grimsbo, the forensic scientist who performed the test for free and said he hopes Baur will bring back an actual tomacco fruit for testing.
  • The characters and actors listed in the credits of the Zorro movie are:
    • Zorro - John Byner
    • Robot Zorro - Shawn Wayans
    • Mrs. Zorro - Rita Rudner
    • Scarlet Pimpernel - Curtis "Booger" Armstrong
    • King Arthur - Cheech Marin
    • Man in the Iron Mask - Gina Gershon
    • Wise Nun - Posh Spice
    • Stupid Nun - Meryl Streep
    • Time Traveler #1 - Stone Cold Steve Austin
    • Orangutan at Dance - "Puddles"
    • Gay-Seeming Prince - Spalding Gray
    • Man Beating Mule - Eric Roberts
    • Mule Beating Man - "Gus"
    • Hiccuping Narrator - Pele
    • President Van Buren - Robert Evans
    • Corky - Anthony Hopkins
    • Voice of Magic Taco - James Earl Jones
  • Plutonium is shown as a glowing green liquid, even though it is a dull silver metal with a melting point of 1183 degrees Fahrenheit. However, radioactive materials are often depicted as glowing green in popular culture.
  • Marge's Orange Station Wagon was made in Guatemala and Homer bought his trademark gray shoes from a hobo.
  • The scene where Homer thinks he is catching some invisible so-called plants was one of the idents on Channel 4 when the Simpsons moved from BBC Two to Channel 4 in the UK; the difference is that Homer thinks he is catching the Channel 4 logo surrounded by a flash of colored lights. See here from 0:30 to 0:50.
  • The Laramie helicopter crashed but they must have saved the Tomacco plant because it is in the mid Season 20-present High Definition openings, one of the items Marge buys is a bottle of Tomacco juice.
  • Running Gag: Homer's tractor rolling over and crushing his legs.


  • Homer's house he grew up in on Rural Route 9 burned down in "Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy" (season 6), yet it is still there in this episode. One of the official Simpsons episode guide books, The Simpsons Beyond Forever!: A Complete Guide to Our Favorite Family ...Still Continued, claims that either this episode must take place before "Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy" or the house did not burn down as badly as depicted. Also the house could have been repaired, although it is unknown why would anyone do it as Grampa no longer lives there.
  • When the Simpsons sneak Homer out of the house with the Christmas tree, the tree is gray, but when they stop at Donny's Discount Gas, the Christmas tree is now green, and when they resume driving the tree is gray again.
  • Lisa with two head frames at once

    The store owner said that Abe abandoned the farm because nothing would grow, but in "Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy", it was said that the bank foreclosed the farm because the cows gave sour milk due to Homer scaring them. This could have been one of Grampa's crazy stories or him trying to make Homer feel guilty. Or it could be possible that Abe told the owner that the farm is unplantable rather than truth if the story about cows is true.
  • When Lisa is criticizing the idea of the tomacco, she lifts her head up while her head's previous position stays on-screen as well. This makes it look like she has two heads at once.
  • When Bart is eating the tomacco, Marge says "It's very nice to see Bart eating his vegetables", even though tomatoes are fruits.
  • As a policeman Chief Wiggum should check if Homer has a trading permission and unless Homer does Chief would close the business.

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