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The Food Wife 10

E4 Convention (full name: Expensive Electronic Entertainment Expo) is a gaming convention in Springfield that took place in "The Food Wife". It also appears in the video game Tapped Out.


Homer takes the children to this convention.

Games and Consoles[]

The games that are shown at the convention are: Guts Of War: Entrails of Intestinox , Furious Fliers , Marching Band , Grand Theft Scratchy, Big Super Happy Fun Fun Game: Itchy City Stories, World of KrustCraft , Jalo, Shaun White: Time Snowboarding , Dig Dug Revelations, Driver's License 2: License to Drive, Assassin's Creed: Summer of Love, Human Centipede, Blocko Cosmic Wars, Blocko Angelica Button, Q-bert Origins and Medal of Duty.

The Consoles Shown are GameStation, GameStation 3, Zii ZU, Protovision, Ybox 360, Nokami and Electronic Crafts. Mapple is also shown at the convention.

Behind the Laughter[]

  • E4 is a parody of the then-popular, now-defunct gaming convention E3 (which stood for Electronic Entertainment Expo). It may also be a parody of G4, which reviews video games.
  • The consoles shown at E4 are also parodies to real consoles:
    • The Ybox 360 is a parody of the Microsoft Xbox 360.
    • The GameStation consoles are parodies of the Sony PlayStation consoles.
    • Electronic Crafts is a parody of Electronic Arts.
    • ProtoVision is a parody of ActiVision Blizzard.
    • The Zii and Zii ZU are parodies of the Wii and Wii U consoles.
    • Nokami is a parody of Konami.