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An unnamed EA Executive was the game producer for the controversial game Grand Theft Scratchy and one of the main antagonists in The Simpsons Game chapter "Mob Rules."


Although he was banned by the Senate from distributing the game to minors, the game producer ultimately distributed the game anyways under Mayor Quimby's permission, due to the latter requesting a bribe, presumably also creating Grand Theft Scratchy Day as a result. Marge Simpson discovered this in the Springfield Shopper alongside Lisa Simpson, and after learning about her ability to orchestrate mobs, she decided under Lisa's suggestion to orchestrate a mob to force Quimby to stop. Although they did a large amount of destruction near the City Hall area, Quimby and the game producer were isolated and thus did not take notice.

Meanwhile, the producer, who is hot-tubbing with the mayor at the time of the mob, proceeded to tell Quimby that, thanks to his help, "Grand Theft Scratchy Day" was very likely to be a tremendous success, with Quimby then offering to bring in a pair of "Springfield-sexy" blonde interns, to the producer's delight. He then, at Quimby's request, supplied Quimby with his bribe, a bag full of money, with Quimby being ecstatic as "the dollar signs don't lie," something Maggie Simpson, who was crawling through the ventilation at Marge's behest as her "secret weapon", briefly witnessed. Eventually, he, Quimby, and the two interns were forced to leave the Jacuzzi when, thanks to Maggie's sabotage, the Jacuzzi was threatening to cook them. The producer then opened the window and noticed not only a mob of angry parents, but also, to his horror, the senator most responsible for the Senate vote to ban the distribution of games to minors. He then angrily chewed Quimby out due to Quimby having evidently failed to deliver on his promise of no angry mobs from Springfield's populace when selling the game, with him revoking the bribe offer and leaving with the two interns.

Behind the Laughter

  • The producer's name is never actually revealed. When Quimby thanked him, in the cutscene just before Marge sent in Maggie, the producer's name was bleeped out.
  • The closest thing to a name for him was "EA Executive", seen on his sash when hot-tubbing with Quimby.
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