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"E My Sports" is the seventeenth episode of Season 30.[2]


Bart and his friends form an E Sports team and make it to the world championships in Korea, with Homer coaching them. Lisa and Marge visit places in Korea and make Homer understand a new reality.

Full Story

When it starts raining, Bart and his friends start playing a game called Conflict Of Enemies. After Homer takes note of this, Bart tells him about a tournament that him and his friends are competing in and how they could win money if they win.

After hearing about this, Homer hires a professional player to coach them and help them win the tournament. This, unfortunately is short lived as the person he hires screws up and feels he’s not worthy anymore. After talking with other athletes dads, Homer decides to coach Bart's E sports team and work them down to the bone.

Bart and his friends continue to win tournaments until finally they make it to the world championships in South Korea. Meanwhile Lisa, Marge, Homer and Maggie go to a temple and start making salt mandalas. After learning about the art destruction, Homer starts understanding a new reality and ruins the chances of Bart’s team by cutting their power, therefore not winning the $2 Million prize and ruining the entire event.


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