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First Appearance "Marge Gamer"

Earthland Realms is an online roleplaying game that costs $14.95 a month to play. Earthland Wizard teaches the basics of the game.


Earthland Realms first appears in "Marge Gamer", in which Marge gets hooked on it. It also appears as a video game in "The Food Wife".

There is also a Blocko set called Blocko Earthland Realms, which focuses on the online game.


The game is very liberal and unrestricted in terms of what race and class player characters (PCs) can be. There are PCs who have the jobs of regular townspeople, as well as PCs who are non-humanoid creatures such as animals, giant animals, and dragons. The game likely uses your microphone to speak ingame, as the players speak alot.

Known players

Marge as her elf character, Cleric.

The Shadow Knight (Bart) and his Flame sword.

Creature Human Information
Cleric Marge An elf. She was accidentally killed by the Shadow Knight, but he revived her by donating two-thirds of his health points.
Shadow Knight Bart The most powerful character in the game. He became infamous for senseless killings, then was killed by an angry mob while he was weakened from expending health points to revive the Cleric.
Warrior Marge Marge Marge's second character, a powerful knight. As Warrior, Marge went on a quest for revenge, killing everyone who was involved in the Shadow Knight's demise.
Cycloid Dolph Dolph Killed by the Shadow Knight.
Troll Jimbo Jimbo Killed by the Shadow Knight.
Troll Kearney Kearney Killed by the Shadow Knight.
Moe Moe Looks like troll but is meant to look like him. Killed by Warrior Marge.
Alf Apu Killed by Warrior Marge.
Turkey Skinner Principal Skinner Burned alive and then eaten by Alf.
Enchantra Mrs. Krabappel Killed by Warrior Marge.
Two-Headed Dragon Patty and Selma Killed by Warrior Marge.
Mantis Burns Mr. Burns Didn't actually mean to be in the game; he was trying to get to the website of The Wall Street Journal. Cleric is scared of him.
Pixie Dr. Nick Killed by the Shadow Knight.
Flying Head Nelson Nelson Killed by accidentally flying into a fire.
Milhouse Milhouse Looks like a lady because of a spell.
Cobra King Snake Snake Killed by Warrior Marge.
Warrior Comic Book Guy Comic Book Guy Killed by Warrior Marge.
Pig Man Wiggum Clancy Wiggum Killed by Warrior Marge.
Tauren Mel Sideshow Mel Killed by Warrior Marge.
Barbarian Smithers Smithers Killed by Warrior Marge.
Faun Largo Dewey Largo Killed by Warrior Marge.
Bishop Ned Ned Flanders Killed by Warrior Marge.
Bishop Lovejoy Timothy Lovejoy Killed by Warrior Marge.
Blue-haired Lawyer Blue-haired Lawyer Killed by Warrior Marge.

Behind the Laughter

  • Earthland Realms is a spoof of online fantasy MMORPGs, most notably World of Warcraft.

    World of Warcraft

  • Patty and Selma also appear as dragons in The Simpsons Game.
  • The name "Earthland Realms" is also a reference to the popular Dungeons and Dragons Forgotten Realms campaign.
  • In The Simpsons Game, Marge's character appears in the level NeverQuest, as well as new designs for Homer and Maggie.
  • The game could possibly be a reference to the Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy series, which also have character classes, "cleric/priest", "warrior" and "mage".


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