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Who ever doesn't get his or her butts over here pronto will go without dessert!Marge

Eating Dinner, alternatively called Dinnertime, is the seventh Simpsons short which originally aired on The Tracey Ullman Show on July 12, 1987.


When attempting to call the family for dinner, Marge is disappointed because the family does not arrive. However, upon the threat that anyone who does not arrive will go without any dessert, the family quickly scoot to the table. She then points out the family forgot to say grace before eating. Homer conducts grace while Maggie innocuously looks around the room. Then Marge comments that the family could do with having manners, as they are all slurping their soup. She then tells them that dinner should not be eaten in silence and be a time of communication, so Homer suggests Bart to fetch the television. Bart gets the TV and they all watch the news.


07 Dinner Time
07 Dinner Time
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