Echo Canyon
Oh, look, children. This canyon is famous for it's echo.
Marge Simpson

Echo Canyon is the forty-first Simpsons short and originally aired on The Tracey Ullman Show March 12, 1989.


As Bart and Lisa think they are going to Weenie Barn, Homer stops at "another scenic view point". He forces everyone out of the car and Bart doesn't listen. Dad takes his comic book and tosses it off a cliff. Marge explains that the canyon is famous for it's echo so Lisa shouts "Boooooorrrinnnnng" and it has a loud echo. Then Maggie shows Dad that Bart is playing on a huge boulder at the top of a nearby hill. He then loses his balance and the boulder starts crashing down the hill and right when it's about to hit The Simpsons car, it just misses it, sending it down a cliff.Homer then gets mad at Bart and chases him down a hill as their yelling has a very loud echo. Marge, Lisa, and Maggie start to read but Homer still chases Bart.

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