Eddie is one of the two police officers who aid Chief Wiggum on almost every mission. Unlike Lou, he is rather unintelligent, but still not as dumb as Wiggum.


Eddie is quite quiet, though he is always there at every case with Lou and Chief Wiggum. Eddie used to be a bit more chopsier and talked more than he does now. This is lampshaded in "Treehouse of Horror XV" where it is shown that Eddie rarely speaks because Wiggum cut his tongue out.


He has been seen in Moe's Tavern to get a drink with Lou. Also, he gave Bart a ride in the police car and tries to solve a case which Bart helps out with.[1] He was promoted to Lou's position and asks Wiggum who will take his position and Wiggum replies with a simple "nobody".[2] He also once got locked in the graveyard overnight with Wiggum and Lou.[3]


Eddie loves being a cop because it makes him feel like he is "making a difference".[4] Eddie is yellow with lines of hair going down.


Just Eddie


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He has been seen as a robo-cop along with Lou and Wiggum.[5]

He has been seen as a musketeer along with Lou.[6]

Behind the Laughter

Eddie has also not made many speaking appearances since the 18th season episode Stop or My Dog Will Shoot!, in which Lou was the main character while Eddie wasn't, although in Coming to Homerica he had Gout (Formation of crystals in the joints causing swelling and extreme pain) in his foot, and made a few groaning sounds. In 'Chief of Hearts', when Wiggum was missing, he asks Homer "Any idea where he might be?"




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