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Edmund Dracula is a young vampire who appeared in the episode "Treehouse of Horror XXI" during the segment "Tweenlight", as Lisa's crush and boyfriend. He appears to be eight, but is in fact 400 years old.

Behind the Laughter

He is a parody of Robert Pattinson's portrayal of Edward Cullen from the Twilight saga. He is voiced by Daniel Radcliffe, who plays the eponymous character from the Harry Potter movies.

It should be noted that both Radcliffe and Pattinson starred alongside each other in the fourth Harry Potter film Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire with Pattinson playing fellow student Cedric Diggory.


Edmund starts his first day at Springfield Elementry. There he manages to save Lisa muiltiple times from danger. The pair immediatly fall in love.

Later on, Edmund wisks Lisa to the forrest where he shows Lisa his fangs (revealing he is a vampire.) unscared, Lisa tells Edmund she is willing to become a vampire and live forever.

However, Homer, along with Edmund's father, Count Dracula disaprove oftheir romance, so they go together to find them. They find them at the top of a church, but Lisa has second thoughts after being told if she became a vampire, she would be 8 years old forever. Edmund then shows his evil side and attempts to bite Lisa anyway, until Homer intervines. When Homer scares the Draculas with a crucifix, he jumps ontop of Edmund before he bites Homer, Dracula bites him too. becoming a vampire. saving Lisa's life.