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Edna's Edibles was a shop opened by Edna Krabappel after she was fired from Springfield Elementary School. She opened it as it was her dream after teaching and she used the self-help book The Answer to open it. When Bart mentioned that he put booze in her coffee and got her fired, Edna told Bart that she had to face a lot of debt because of the store and that her real dream was to be a teacher until he got her fired. Also, other muffin stores had opened in the same block; 'Muff Said, R. Crumb's Keep on Muffin', H.R. Muffin Stuff and Muff Mart and another one, named Muffin Store, was being built. At the end of the episode, when she got her teaching job back, she forced every kid in her class to eat a stale muffin, rebuking at Bart when he complained.

Behind the Laughter

Edna's Edibles was also the name of a store started by Mrs. (Edna) Garrett on The Facts of Life.