Kent Brockman himself could only get a reservation at 5:30 or 9:30!
Bart Simpson

El Chemistri is the most exclusive restaurant in Springfield. Marge, Bart, and Lisa visit it, along with the other foodies of Springfield, after visiting a restaurant in Little Ethiopia. It is located on West Oak Street, opposite of East Oak Street, which is in a bad neighbourhood and contains a meth lab, which Homer is mislead into by Marge. The owner, Chemistri Guy, in the online commercial, shows and says that everything made at the restaurant is made using science. In the video, he uses liquid nitrogen to make pine needle sorbet, which is on the menu. Only exclusive people are allowed to eat here, as Bart said,"Kent Brockman himself could only get a reservation at 5:30 and 9:30. They contain a laboratory kitchen, which Chemistri Guy and the other Chemistri Chefs work at. The customers have to pay when they reserve the table, and with parties of 6 people or more, gratuity is added whether they like it or not, just like the rich style of the restaurant. The restaurant values their chefs a lot and says they create a masterpiece in the laboratory kitchen.


El Chemistri serves deconstructed Caesar salad, deconstructed apple pie, and root vegetables cooked in 'the perfect vacuum' of outer space. Almost all the dishes are deconstructed, cooked in space, or are scientifically cooked.

Deconstructed Caesar Salad

The deconstructed Caesar salad is served in four test tubes with the four deconstructed parts of it. The deconstructed Caesar salad that they serve features Romaine lettuce gel, egg yolk ice, crouton foam, and anchovy air. There is a specific order to eat it: gel, ice, foam, air, foam, ice, gel, foam, air.

Porkchops 100 Ways

They also serve pork chops 100 ways, which Bart and Lisa know Homer would like.The Pork Chops 100 Ways are also served in vegetarian form, specifically for Lisa.

Lisa's vegetarian porkchops (in green).


They also serve Regret, a type of soup, where it is served on a pillow, and the Chemistri Servers cry one tear, and it deflates the pillow, and then the foodies start to eat.

Zero-Gravity Root Vegetables

The Zero-G Root Vegetables are root vegetables cooked in 'the perfect vacuum' of outer space, which include parsnips. The Simpsons do not eat this.

Pine Needle Sorbet

In the online commercial, they s

Lisa eating the deconstructed Cesar Salad.

how Chemistri Guy cooking pine needle sorbet ice cream by using liquid nitrogen, using "science in all aspects of their cooking".

Deconstructed Apple Pie

When people leave El Chemistri, they are usually given deconstructed apple pie, which features a childhood memory of them eating apple pie upon eating.

As they said in the commercial, almost everything at El Chemistri is scientifically made: either in space, deconstructed, or with liquid nitrogen.


Website chemistri.jpg

El Chemistri has a website that shows a video of Chemistri Guy preparing Pine Needle Sorbet using Liquid Nitrogen. On the website, you can make reservations. They say you must pay during your reservations, and that parties of 6 or more must pay a gratuity. The website features Chef bios, as the restaurant views them as "exquisite and important to our food". The website also tries to say how exquisite the food is, even though it is secretly tastes like nothing, that Marge is the first to notice out of all the foodies that visit there.

Reservations & Service

When entering the restaurant, the customers are given mints to place in their mouths, and when their table is ready, the mints will vibrate. The food has to be paid for during reservation, and when 6 or more people are dining, gratuity is added. The VIP Representative has to schedule a time for the customer how to eat. Only VIPs are

The invitation card.

allowed to get in, such as the foodies, and the Three Mouthketeers. "Kent Brockman himself" could only get a reservation at 5:30 or 9:30, like Bart said. All the people that the restaurant invited there are sent an invitation card with the address, 1501 West Oak Street, and the time to meet Chemistri Guy there, 6:00. They all sit at a giant 10-seat table, and are served by the Chemistri Servers and Chemistri Guy. There is a giant chandelier above the table. Chemistri Guy introduces all the dishes and explains how to eat them. El Chemistri accepts all major credit cards.



The architecture of El Chemistri is new age and open. The walls are clear blue glass, and grey in some parts. There is plants inside and outside of the restaurant,placed everywhere, and there are 2 chandeliers on top of each table. Each table has 10 seats and it is in its own part of the restaurant.

The dining room.


It is located in Springfield Heights, the rich area of Springfield, on the end of West Oak Street. It has a rich and expensive vibe, as Marge said it was pricey to Homer before she went there. To eat there, customers have to pay during reservations. Parties of 6 people or more must pay gratuity, it is added, and it is not optional.


  • El Chemistri's cooking is based in 'Molecular Gastronomy', A method of cooking that through the use of science can create unique meals.

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