El Grampo is an alias of Abraham Simpson. El Grampo is allied with El Barto in the conspiracy to bring back Westphal's Auxilator. El Grampo uses Newcastle Blue & Bulls-Eye Red. He was nearly registered as a prisoner at the Springfield 101.


Late on the night of September 24, Abe went to the Kwik-E-Mart to retrieve Westphal's Auxilator, but failed due to Apu's info that Westphal's Auxilator was no longer in production at Westphal's Factory. As Abe left, a teenage goon from Nelson was vandalizing the Kwik-E-Mart entrance & sprayed Abe with spray paint; realizing graffiti could be useful, Abe went to the mall and bought a black suit and spray paint from Acme and thus, El Grampo was born.

El Grampo first struck the industry, protesting the Industry must free it's workers & they refused his second request for the Auxilator. His message was spotted by Milhouse, who gave Grampo the name "Lordy".

The next message was spotted by Krusty the Clown and an ad agent, who read Grampo's message to end basing package height by volume. El Grampo moved onto Nelson & caused Nelson to cry for covering up the unforgivable swear words he thought up & wrote.

El Grampo spray-painted a plane, witnessed in the 6:00 news. Brockman reports that El Grampo's doing was not the points of any average teenager, but a clever demon in his golden years & believed the only solution was to round every citizen over the age of 70 & put them to death.

As El Grampo vandalized property, Homer was put on graffiti-removal detail for a parking violation; meanwhile, he was unknowingly being tracked by Bart & conspired with him in his plot for Westphal's Auxilator. They soon hit the town, but failed to get a word about Westphal's Auxilator.

In one last attempt for the Auxilator, El Grampo & El Barto attempted to vandalize the Duff Blimp, but before the police fired, Mr. Burns saw the message & wanted the Auxilator, so he decided to buy the company that made it & resume production. Chief Wiggum ordered the SWAT team to shoot El Grampo & El Barto, but failed, even though they succeeded on sinking the Blimp.


El Grampo became Grampa again and Grampa got the Auxilator. (He didn't know that the reason he got it was that it was because of Mr. Burns.) However, after the Blimp sank & cooled down, Grampa was nearly pulled off to jail, but he escaped unpunished because Wiggum got confused as the Retirement Castle's residents all said they were the real criminals.

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