Elaine Wolff is a dog psychologist. She is voiced by Cate Blanchett.


Not much is known about her past except for a love she had at around grade school. After that, not too much is known except for her at around an unknown time of her becoming a dog psychologist.


After Santa's Little Helper bites Marge, Lisa tells the family about a dog psychologist. There, they continue on to go to her lecture to where Wolff is ranting about how humans can be owner of dogs and so on. After Wolff's lecture, the Simpsons see Wolff about to drive off until Lisa attempts to halt Wolff from leaving and decides to try and convince her to help Santa's Little Helper. Wolff being convinced sees that the Simpson's dog has a story to tell and decides to drive off after so on. However, Santa's Little Helper decides to follow to which she tells the dog no.

Afterwards, she decides to visit the Simpson's house before the animal control comes and decides to take the dog over to her dog institute. While there, she decides to do an examination during a demonstration video of the institute. After doing the examination and determines that there are no problems with his health and so afterwards, Santa's Little Helper goes to sleep. During his sleep, Wolff decides to document of what is happening to Santa's Little Helper.

The next morning arrives and Wolff's boyfriend decides to visit for a proposal. To no surprise, she rejects her boyfriend's proposal and says that she has things to do with the conversation ending saying that the boyfriend was over her. Ensuing after the rejected proposal, Wolff decides to do some experimenting to figure out what has caused Santa's Little Helper trauma. After some experimenting, she decide's to go over to the Simpson's house to question where the Santa Hat came from. Bart and Homer then go on to explain from a flashback that it was from a Greyhound Racing and they also explain that Santa's Little Helper was also a Greyhound Racing Dog.

Wolff thinking of what to do, decides to go over to the race track's owner's house, and demand to know what happened while also hitting the owner in the face along with the Simpsons. The owner then explains what happened.

The story goes as this: The story first starts off with Santa's Little Helper helping out his sibling. A little bit afterwards, Santa's Little Helper decides to run over to his mother. The owner seeing Santa's Little Helper's potential, decides to take away Santa's Little Helper away from his mother and decides to enter him into Greyhound Races.

After the story was told, Santa's Little Helper decides to run over to his mother and they reunite. Wolff seeing this, is happy and decides to go off to the institute to walk off her twenty dogs. And after that, we don't see her again.


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