Elisabeth Volkmann

Elisabeth Volkmann (March 16, 1936 - c. July 27, 2006) was a German actress and voice actor who provided the German voice of Marge Simpson from the first season until the 17th Season episode "We're on the Road to D'oh-where".


Volkmann was born in Essen and, after the early death of her father in 1948, helped to provide for the family by starring in theatre productions. She was later educated as a soprano singer and actress, and became best known for her part in the German absurd comedy series Klimbim (1973–1979), which was watched by millions of viewers in Germany.

When the German dubbing work for The Simpsons began in 1991, she was cast as Marge Simpson (as well as all her female relatives), and voiced the character from the first episode to "We're on the Road to D'oh-where", after which she died in Munich. After her sudden death, well-known comedian Anke Engelke took over the role. Although Engelke's interpretation is actually closer to Julie Kavner's, there is a consensus among a majority of German fans that Volkmann can never be truly replaced.



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