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Sir Elton John is an English musician.

John ended up in Springfield airport as his chandelier in his private jet malfunctioned. Moe and the other jealous Springfield husbands thought that Apu had got him for Valentine's Day as a gift for his wife Manjula and so shoved him into a dog cage to keep Apu from seeing him. They were wrong and Apu had instead ordered the skywriter Fantastic Dan to write "I Love You Manjula" in the sky, although they nevertheless left him to rot in the cage. John chewed his way out of the cage and met up with Apu on the runway, citing that the latter's "near-Valentine's Day Massacre" (referring to Homer ruining Dan's message and the plane spiraling out of control from their fighting) was nothing compared to his being stuck in a dog cage and chewing his way out; the two narrowly escaped death as Dan's aeroplane almost hit them as Homer and Dan were fighting on board.

John playing the piano for Apu and Manjula

John later performs a version of "Your Song" for Apu and Manjula, with lyrics that have been alternated to fit the couple.[1]

He was also photographed by Homer getting his laundry.[2]



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