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Emily is the mother in a cool family.


The Simpson family first met Emily when Terrence invited the family around to his house. Marge was shocked to find that Emily only breastfeed Corduroy and kept making excuses so that she didn't have to breastfeed Maggie, as Emily looked down on people who bottle feed their babies.

At T-Rex's birthday party, Emily invited Marge in with the other moms. They were all breastfeeding their babies and Marge tried to bottle feed Maggie under an apron. Maggie knocked the bottle out and the other moms saw, and tried to breastfeed Maggie themselves.

When Ned tried to get the families back together again, she was still hostile towards Marge and her methods of feeding Maggie. However, she was surprised when Marge's bottle formula put the fire out in the Devil Donuts truck. After Terrence found out that Springfield was no longer cool to hang out in, the entire family moved away.


Emily is very snotty yet beautiful, looking down on anyone who doesn't breastfeed their babies. She even goes so far as to attempt to breastfeed their babies for them if the mother refuses to. She seems unable to forgive easily, as she takes a while to forgive Marge for not breastfeeding Maggie.