Emoji Family couch gag
Sleeping Space Chambers

The Emoji Family couch gag is the twelfth couch gag of Season 27.


On his phone, Homer (offscreen) sends a text message with emoji-style versions of him, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and the couch. Just when he sends it, however, he sees the following words that are being typed by a receiver and not by him: "Meh", "I don't get it" and "Needs a payoff". As Homer sees these words, he starts to get ticked off.

Not long later, the "Created by Matt Groening" credit appears like a text message, to which Homer says "Oh, sorry, yes sir." Shortly after, the "Developed by James L. Brooks/Matt Groening/Sam Simon" credit appears like a text message also, and Homer asks who are those guys.

Afterwards, the receiver sends "Meh" again.

Character Appearances



  • The text messaging app on Homer's phone is themed similarly to the iPhone's text messaging app.
  • This is one of the occurrences that the "Created By/Developed By" credits doesn't usually appear on the TV. Here, it is in text message bubbles while the last few seconds of the theme is heard as if it was heard through a phone.

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