Emperor Tsugu Akihito is the 125th Emperor of Japan who acceded to the throne in January 7, 1989. On April 30, 2019, he was succeeded by his eldest son Naruhito via abdication, who ascended on the throne on May 1, 2019, marking the end of the Heisei era and the beginning of the Reiwa era.


When the Simpsons went to Japan for their vacation, Homer and the rest of the family went to see a Sumo Wrestling match under Lisa's suggestion. After defeating a Sumo Wrestler in a fight over a pretzel, Emperor Akihito congratulated Homer and introduced himself with his bodyguards nearby. Unfortunately for him, Homer, under the mistaken impression that he was a wrestler, leered into his face and said "Yeah, and I'm Clobbersaurus" and then picked him up, spun him around in a wrestling maneuver, and hurled him into a bin of worn mawashi, much to the bodyguards horror and to the spectators indignation. Homer was arrested shortly thereafter.


  • This isn't the last time Homer foolishly and unknowingly assaulted a major foreign political figure during a family vacation and had to pay the legal consequences: He later crashes into Queen Elizabeth II's carriage in The Regina Monologues, an action that nearly got him executed.
  • Homer's throwing the Emperor into the laundry bin is part of the reason why the episode was banned in Japan, alongside the reference to the Hello Kitty factory (both due to it being a product of South Korea, which both it and Japan had very bitter relations, and because of the implication that the various Hello Kitty products were the result of the Japanese workers burning cats alive); the Battling Seizure Robots segment (largely due to the infamous Electric Soldier Porygon incident that occurred at the time); and Wink's game show nearing the end of the episode.


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