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England (Cornish: Pow Sows) is a country in Europe and part of the United Kingdom.  


While studying for a history test mentions the Founders decided they had enough of British oppression and decided to secede from England.[1]

In England, Sir Ringo Starr receives Marge painting of him which she did high school and writes back a reply[2]

When Homer gets to stay at Mr. Burns' mansion, he tells Marge he call the Queen of England and asked her how it was going.[3]

Grampa visited here when he served in the army during World War II and met Edwina there, who he ended up having a daughter with. The capital city is London, where the Simpsons visit (despite a teenage, high-school Homer once claiming that he would never go to England). The London Eye is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world along with Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace. Nigel Bakerbutcher revealed to the citizens of Springfield that the whole of London is under constant surveillance with CCTV cameras everywhere. While visiting London, Homer's rental car crashes through the gates of Buckingham Palace and into Queen Elizabeth II's carriage. He is imprisoned in the Tower of London, but manages to escape the tower and ends up in Buckingham Palace; where he asks the Queen to find it in her "jewel-encrusted" heart to forgive him. She forgives him and lets him return home to America as long as he takes Madonna back with him.[4]

Sideshow Bob mentions going to England with his family showing a photo of him in England.[5]

After the train station terrorism incident, Mayor Quimby that everything he said about terrorism was to cause fear, but now he says it's all true. To protect the city from all future attacks, they hired an external consultant from London, England. After Homer and Ned disable all the cameras in Springfield, it is revealed that the antics of Springfield were broadcast as a reality show in Britain, known as The American Oafs, with Queen Elizabeth saying she'll miss Ralph Wiggum, as he reminds her of her own son, Prince Charles, who walks in and tells his mother that his cat's breath smells like cat food.[6]

English people

A list of characters known to hail from England:

Furthermore, it is possible that the country which Abraham Simpson claimed to have come from was England.


Non-canon Appearances

Ssi 5.PNG The contents of this article or section are considered to be non-canon and therefore may not have actually happened/existed.

In "Lisa's Wedding", Hugh Parkfield Lisa's boyfriend takes her to England in order to meet his parents.

In "The Wettest Stories Ever Told", The Bounty sets sail from England in 1789.

In "Holidays of Future Passed", Maggie Simpson is seen staying at The Benny Hilton where she is reported to be in the late stage of pregnancy. The Beatles seems to have become saints and the cops are replaced with the Daleks.



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