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The Environmental Protection Agency, commonly abbreviated to EPA, is an organization that is or was a part of the United States Armed Forces that was headed by the evil mastermind Russ Cargill. Its job was to "protect" the environment by using brute force with the EPA army. Under Russ Cargill's leadership, the EPA serve as the main antagonist faction of The Simpsons Movie.

The EPA caught Mr. Burns illegally dumping radioactive waste in the city park and fined him three million dollars[1]. The agency also stopped Homer from killing the Screamapillar and made him and Marge take care of it due to it being an endangered species [2].

Later, under the Direct command of Russ Cargill, the EPA was primarily responsible for tricking President Arnold Schwarzenegger in encasing Springfield in a dome that later became known as Trappuccino. This action was taken in response to severe environmental degradation of the Springfield area in general, and Lake Springfield in particular. The EPA had also caught a mutant Multi-eyed squirrel in Springfield, and attributed its existence to environmental conditions in the town[3]. After their plan to destroy Springfield failed, it's presumed that the President fired Cargill as administrator, the organization was exposed to the whole world, disbanded by the government and they've been arrested for their actions.

The Simpsons: Hit and Run

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The EPA were mentioned by Mr. Burns in Level 7.

Placing the dome over Springfield

The Dome


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