Disambiguation: Erin may also refer to Erin (Sophie's Mother).

Erin is a girl who vacationed to Little Pwagmattasquarmsettport with her family.[1]


While there, she met Lisa Simpson, whose family was also on vacation and had the intention of making new friends and leaving her nerdy self back in Springfield. By acting like her brother Bart, Lisa immediately clicked with them and takes them skateboarding at the library.

Bart discovered she's acting like him and decided to try to steal her friends. He first showed off his skateboarding moves to try and impress them; he failed. Erin asked Lisa who that was; she replied that he was her dorky brother Bartholomew, making sure she didn't use his nickname 'Bart'. Then he showed them Lisa's yearbook (which has all of Lisa's nerdy accomplishments) and Lisa, assuming they won't like her anymore, runs off crying. However, Erin and the group realized that Lisa is a good person and they glue shells on the family car that says "Lisa Rules." They also signed her yearbook.

Erin is friends with Ben, Dean, and Rick and enjoys skateboarding. Her favorite show is Baywatch.[2]



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