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This article is about the Ernest Borgnine character. For the actor, please see Ernest Borgnine.

Ermes Effron Borgnino better known by his stage name Ernest Borgnine was an American actor. He was a "celebrity dad" on a Father-Son rafting trip with the Junior Campers, partnered with Warren.


During the rafting trip, the raft with Ned Flanders and Homer Simpson and their sons became separated from the rest of the group. While Ned and Homer ended up drifting out to sea, Borgnine and the rest of the rafts drifted into some dark woods and were stalked by hillbillies. Later, they were confronted by a bear and Borgnine tried to defend everyone with his Swiss Army knife, but he was at a loss because Homer had stolen the knife to give to Bart as a gift.

Borgnine and the Junior Campers survived their encounter with the bear, only to be stalked and attacked by a mysterious person or creature in the woods as they sheltered in an old abandoned summer camp. What happened to Borgnine and the campers after that isn't known.