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Ethnictown is a suburb of Springfield and a ghetto town where many immigrants live.


When the Simpsons visit Ethnictown, Homer calls it a place "where hard-working immigrants dream of becoming lazy, overfed Americans." Marge says that "you can hear the beautiful ethnic serenade," referring to merchants calling out what they're selling.

The Simpsons meet the following people in Ethnictown:

  • A man selling apples: "Apples! I got apples!"
  • A woman who has cholera: "Cholera! I got cholera!" (Then she coughs and hacks.)
  • A man claiming to be selling babies: "Babies! Who wants-a babies?" Homer picks one up and sees that it's just a shaved puppy.
  • A woman who is a Gypsy fortuneteller and has a shop nearby.


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