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Eugene Fisk is Homer's former assistant and a current supervisor at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.


Eugene Fisk started out working at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant as an assistant in Sector 7-G. While working at the plant, Fisk met a girl from valve maintenance, and unintentionally made a pass at her while drunk from the plant's punch during a birthday party, thereby humiliating himself. Six months later, possibly due to hard work (as Homer and most of the employees are shown to be lazy), Fisk had been promoted to supervisor. By this time, he is engaged to the same woman from valve maintenance. His bachelor party takes place at The Rusty Barnacle, where the infamous picture of Homer and Princess Kashmir was later taken. Eugene and his father are the only two who are completely disgusted by the drinking, smoking and exotic dancing.

Eugene has been noted to be a very kind and caring person, unlike most of the nuclear plant's employees.