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Evergreen Terrace (renamed Homer Simpson Boulevard in a deleted scene) is the street that the Simpsons live on. The Simpsons usually are mentioned as residing at number 742. Therefore, the Flanders live next door at number 744. Evergreen Terrace also has its own exit off the highway.[1]

Former President George Bush lived across from the Simpsons for a short while, and moved quickly because of them, only to be replaced by Former President Gerald Ford, although it is later mentioned that he moved out of town (reason unknown). Thorn Valley Roses was presumably close by to Evergreen Terrace, as Homer's screams when lowered into the rose bushes by an irate Fantastic Dan were heard by Marge shortly before Homer ditching Dan's plane and arriving back home.

Residents living on Evergreen Terrace

Residents with unknown addresses


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