Springfield Mountains (Simpsons Road Rage)
Evergreen Terrace (Simpsons Road Rage)
Entertainment District (Simpsons Road Rage)

In 'The Simpsons Road Rage' Evergreen Terrace is one of six districts you can play in, and the only one to be unlocked from the start. It is the second easiest district to gain money, because there are no major obstacles in your way and the roads are not as narrow as Springfield Dam or the Springfield Mountains.

How accurate the places are in this district in comparison to the actual TV series is unsure, however, the destinations the character's want to be dropped off at have all appeared in the TV series.

Homer Simpson calls Evergreen Terrace the "swankiest street in the classiest part of Pressboard Estates', and in this world includes the Simpsons House, Springfield Elementary, Kwik-E-Mart, the First Church of Springfield and the Retirement Castle, home of Abraham "Grampa" Simpson.


In all, there are 24 places you can drop people off at. These places, as well as the characters who want to go there, are:

  1. Simpsons House: Marge, Grampa, Bart, Lisa, Homer, Snake
  2. Flanders' House: Ned Flanders, Rev. Lovejoy, Snake
  3. President's House: Mayor Quimby, Groundskeeper Willie, Prof. Frink
  4. Burlesque House: Grampa, Mayor Quimby, Chief Wiggum, Krusty
  5. Milhouse's House: Milhouse
  6. Kwik-E-Mart: Apu, Homer, Bart, Jasper, Pimple-Faced Teen, Krusty, Nelson
  7. Smither's Apartment: Capt.McAllister, Barney, Pimple-Faced Teen
  8. Skinner's House: Skinner, Moe, Groundskeeper Willie, Mrs.Krabappel
  9. Wiggum's House: Ralph, Chief Wiggum
  10. Springfield Elementary School: Ralph, Groundskeeper Willie, Lisa, Skinner, Mrs.Krabappel, Prof. Frink, Milhouse, Nelson, Otto
  11. Willie's Shack: Groundskeeper Willie, Comic Book Guy, Skinner
  12. Church: Groundskeeper Willie, Bumblebee Man, Rev. Lovejoy, Ned Flanders, Barney
  13. Babysitter's: Marge, Moleman, Bumblebee Man
  14. Springfield Retirement Castle: Grampa, Marge, Homer, Bart, Lisa, Jasper, Dr. Nick
  15. Krusty Burger: Chief Wiggum, Homer, Comic Book Guy, Milhouse, Squeaky-Voiced Teen
  16. Barney's Apartment: Moe, Barney, Homer
  17. Grocery Store: Marge, Apu, Mrs.Krabappel
  18. Gas Station: Capt.McAllister, Nelson, Snake
  19. Moleman's: Moleman
  20. Krabappel's Ralph, Skinner, Mrs.Krabappel
  21. Patty and Selma's: Marge, Moleman, Otto
  22. Apu's Apartment: Apu, Prof. Frink, Otto
  23. Lovejoy's House: Ned, Rev. Lovejoy, Bumblebee Man
  24. Dr Hibbert's House: Dr Nick, Milhouse

In total there are seven bus stops you can knock over for extra time.

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